Andy’s Weekly Thoughts: August 14–18, 2023

I hope everyone’s last week has gone well; here is my Andy’s Weekly Thoughts for this past week!

On One Of The Statistics Pages

About two or three months ago, I had been seriously considering expanding my “The 300 Club” page, mostly because I thought, with J! Archive getting much closer to completion, that more information was available about more champions and that I should expand the list, such that the barrier for entry would be 250 or 200. However, with all of the publicity given to the list as “The 300 Club” and how much it’s meant to many people to have made that list (or even as a goal to shoot for), everyone can rest assured that I will not be making a change to that list.

A New List In The Statistics Section

Without any fanfare whatsoever, I added a new list of games to the site’s Statistics section: a list of all regular-play games that had a tie for first place at the conclusion of the Final Jeopardy Round. As I mention on the page, it is not a complete list—however, it is currently only missing somewhere between 1–3 tie games. (I have a source from 2004 that gives a certain number, but it does not specify a cutoff point.) However, I think it is close enough to warrant publishing. Enjoy!

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What About The Tiebreaker Rule For Tournament Play?

I’ve been listening this week to Jeopardy! Radio on TuneIn; its premium channel has cycled back to airing the 1985 Tournament of Champions. When listening to the semifinals, something caught my ear: Alex Trebek noted on air before Final Jeopardy during the second semifinal that the current Tiebreaker Round rule was not in effect; at the time, a tie for the win would have been broken by advancing the player who had the higher score going into Final Jeopardy. At some point before the first tie for a win in a tournament game (in 1992), the rule changed. It would certainly be interesting to hear if any tournament contestants from that era had insight into when that rule changed.

I Suspect That Hurricane Hilary Will Affect Next Week’s Celebrity Taping Schedule

With Hurricane Hilary expected to bring tropical storm weather and a severe risk of flooding to the Los Angeles area—a first for the area in over 80 years—I suspect that the aftermath of the storm is going to interfere with the taping schedule for Season 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy, currently scheduled for Monday and Wednesday of next week. (Both SAG-AFTRA and the WGA have elected to cancel all picketing activity on Monday due to the storm.) If you’re in the L.A. area, please stay safe!

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  1. I think sticking with 300 sounds good. Also 300 is just under 10% of Ken Jennings’ total, so that’s a nice relationship of bottom to top of the list.

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