Celebrity Jeopardy! Moves to Wednesdays, Jennings To Host

Celebrity Jeopardy! has moved again on the ABC schedule.

After being originally slated for Tuesday evenings this fall, its premiere date has been announced: Wednesday, September 27.

Amazingly, the opening set of episodes for Season 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy! were taped today, in spite of the remnants of Hurricane Hilary drenching Los Angeles over the weekend and today.

No celebrities have been revealed at this point; Ken Jennings will be hosting instead of Mayim Bialik. Unlike in May when Mayim Bialik withdrew from hosting the regular games, no statement has been issued by Bialik regarding these episodes. It should also be noted that Mayim Bialik’s recent Instagram posts have taken place from the hospital, with the host recently having undergone a colonoscopy.

Editorially: With regards to the time slot, Jeopardy! fans are creatures of habit. Can’t ABC just stick to its word? It’s becoming annoying at this point trying to guess when these episodes will be airing. I also want to reiterate that nobody involved with production or hosting has made a statement regarding the hosting change, and any speculation on that front by any outlet—this publication included—should be taken with a grain of salt until a statement has been released.

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9 Comments on "Celebrity Jeopardy! Moves to Wednesdays, Jennings To Host"

  1. Bill Vollmer | August 22, 2023 at 7:12 pm |

    I had seen stories on the internet that said Ken would be hosting Celebrity Jeopardy. Since I didn’t open any of them, I wasn’t aware that no official statement about who was hosting Celebrity Jeopardy had been released.
    My only thoughts were that Ken was going to be a very busy man, hosting “daytime” Jeopardy, and, now Celebrity Jeopardy. I thought with the gameboards for Celebrity Jeopardy already completed before the WGA action, that possibly taping had already been completed. Obviously, that’s wrong. As for Mayim returning to host Celebrity Jeopardy once she’s recovered ffrom her hospital stay, all I can say it’s up to her. Though it would seem inconsistant boycotting “daytime” Jeopardy as to not cross the WGA picket line, then crossing to do Celebrity Jeopardy.

  2. Syndicated Jeopardy! fans may be creatures of habit as their show airs daily in the same time slot for their viewing area (wherever it may be “on the dial”), but I doubt that holds true for Celebrity Jeopardy! I couldn’t tell you when it was on last year or when it had been previously announced to be on this year, I just watch for announcements for when it is to begin airing in a couple of weeks and then make plans to watch.

  3. I imagine no WGA or SAG members will be competing, so I wonder who they have playing this season.

    • Sports people? Astronauts? Politicians? Tik Tok or YouTube stars? [Daniel Lara or Joshua Holz from “D^mn Daniel”, “Backseat Boy After Dentist” David DeVore? (who is now 22), etc.]

      Social media “influencers” who have made it big enough to be well known, but don’t have the looks and/or skills to get acting contracts? Actually, can appearances in reality shows even get you into SAG or AFTRA (because I understand some of those individuals are quite well known, though not by me)?

  4. Bill Vollmer | August 27, 2023 at 9:58 pm |

    Game Shows are covered by a different SAG AFTRA contract, called the “Code of Fair Play.” I think that this code will allow TV, and, celebrities to play, although they probably won’t be allowed to promote any past, present, or, future project,
    Andy, in the past has mentioned the “code,” and, seems to understand it better than most “civilians.” He could PROBABLY explain what celebrities can, and, cannot do under the “code,” while all other AMPTP projects are shut down.

    • This is generally correct (though the full name is “National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting”, not “Code of Fair Play”.) — this is because this contract originally belonged to AFTRA, not SAG, and the two contracts haven’t been combined yet.

      Basically, SAG-AFTRA members are unable to promote any “struck work” (generally any prime time sitcom/drama/movie they’d be a part of). Network daytime, soap operas, talk shows, unscripted, late night, talk shows, etc., would be promotable, as they would generally fall under the Network Code.

  5. Bill Vollmer | August 29, 2023 at 10:45 pm |

    I read from the begining of the SAG AFTRA action, that members not only were withholding their services from AMPTP projects, but weren’t supposed to be promoting in anyway AMPTP projects they were involved with.
    But, since Game Shows, and, some other shows, are covered under the “Code of Fair Pratice” contract, will the players on Celebrity Jeopardy/Celebrity Wheel of Fortune be allowed to talk about AMPTP projects they were involved in?
    To me, it would be kind of rough, since a reason they appear on these celebrity games is to help promote their work.

    • Striking members may not speak about their struck projects in any fashion, whether that be on their personal social media or Celebrity Jeopardy.

      • Bill Vollmer | August 30, 2023 at 9:41 am |

        Thanks for clarifying the SAG AFTRA rule about it’s members speaking on any AMPTP projects they have, or, will be involved with.
        Again, since a reason celebrities participate in things like Celebrity Jeopardy is to help promote interest in things they have, or, will appear in, follwing SAG AFTRA’s rule, will make things rough, conservation wise.

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