Season 31


     As I was getting my nails done today (“Evening Seduction”), I tried to come up with an explanation for you about last week. For my part, I was at the Tournament of Champions…

What Bloggers Want

Andy here. Hoping you enjoyed our Hangout last night! This week’s contestants: Sam Barker – Carlisle, PA (WHP) Alex Champlin – Toronto, Ontario, Canada (YES-TV) Shawn Choe – New York, NY (WABC) Dan Ford –…

Costing Someone Their Shot

After throwing up in my mouth slightly at the betting from yesterday’s Final, Andy’s back — and feeling up to recapping again! Friday’s contestants: Alan Lange, Tod Macofsky, and Catherine Hardee!


Andy here! Yes, I know this post is slightly behind. But I’m going to still recap both Thursday and Friday! Thursday’s contestants: Joann Taylor, Dolly Moehrle, Catherine Hardee!

Sports Jeopardy debuts

     I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the first Sports Jeopardy episode is available on Crackle. I watched about an hour after it came out. Thoughts? My one is: I should’ve taken…