One of these things is not like the other

     Not one. Not two. But three happy pieces of news to kick off the week, and a big bummer thrown in for good measure.
     First, I checked out Jeopardy! on GSN today because I’d noticed they changed the schedule: Jeopardy! now airs at 11 a.m. and 1 a.m. on weekdays. I hadn’t been watching these reruns because it feels like I’ve seen them so many times (season 22). The happy surprise? The first day of Season 25! I didn’t fully appreciate this welcome change until I saw this tweet from Drew Scheeler. Upon further investigation, I see what fun awaits us: Liz Murphy? Justin BernbachStefan Goodreau? I’m gonna start playing again. In fact I played the first one (originally 9-8-08) today. My Coryat was 24800, but would’ve been 29800 without negs! This episode turned out to be even more valuable than it seemed at first, as you’ll find out below.
     Next, I noticed yesterday while searching for something else that the National History Bee will be on the History Channel Friday at 7 p.m. and 11:01 p.m. Central (?), and Saturday at noon. This is the middle school division, which I saw firsthand in Omaha this spring.
     Third, you may have seen a comment last week from a guy who wants to know more about the people of Jeopardy! and less about the episodes. Well I had an idea: Each week I will find as many new contestants as I can, and ask them each a handful of questions. Their responses will appear at the end of my posts (every time I’ve tracked someone down, of course). I already have one taker: tomorrow’s Richard Block. This is gonna be fun!
     Now, inevitably, the bad news – Believe it or not, my local station played the wrong Jeopardy! episode today. A red flag went up when Joel Pool was introduced as a six-time winner, not a five-time one (as Ursula helpfully pointed out this weekend). I looked at the archive and saw that the dollar amount was wrong, too. I guess I know something you don’t (tomorrow’s result), but you know a lot I don’t (everything except today’s result, and one category)! We eagerly await tomorrow.