Let’s Recap Two!

A quick double-recap from Andy here.

This week’s contestants:
Les Chun, San Francisco, CA
Chris O. Cook, Brooklyn, NY
Tobias Harris, Lincolnwood, IL
Sam Hopkins, Prairie Village, KS
Mike Lewis, Bloomington, MN
Elizabeth McCullough, Lowell, MA
Kirk Nelson, Seattle, WA
Jason Parker, Spring, TX
Meena Puffer, Bear, DE
Benjamin Recchie, Chicago, IL
Katrina Whitehead, Sandston, VA

Tobias Harris, Chris O. Cook, and Mike Lewis were Monday’s contestants! Chris’ dad was a contestant back in 1987 who lost to a 5-time champion. I don’t think Chris’ dad’s game is in the Archive at this point, though!

I’ve noticed that gameplay, as a whole, has been pretty good in terms of the scores! However, Tobias made a crucial error on CHARACTERS IN THE BROADWAY PLAY $2000 (Maggie, Gooper & Big Mama prowl around the stage) — Tobias gave the wrong article in the middle of the title (saying “The” instead of “A”). Mike picked up the $2,000 rebound!

Scores going into Final:
Mike $19,600
Tobias $14,800
Chris $10,400


FJ! clue: This 1920s plaything still made today got its name in tribute to 2 famous men of the day: Marconi & Lindbergh

Chris 10400 – 10400
Tobias 14800 + 14799 = 29599
Mike 19600 + 10001 = 29601 (3-day champion, $92,401)

Onto Tuesday: Elizabeth McCullogh and Jason Parker are now the two challengers!

Jason’s secret ingredient for his chili is MSG! Elizabeth said she was going to get a tattoo if she won Jeopardy; however, she also said she had no idea where to put it! I can’t say I’m particularly sure how Jeopardy! would help with tattoo placement.

While Mike got off to a slower start in the first 15 clues, he dominated the second 15 clues and found himself with a lead $7,400 to Elizabeth’s $4,200 and Jason’s $3,600.

Double Jeopardy! saw Jason start out very quickly in trying to find a Daily Double, and he found one on the second clue, under MUSIC & LITERATURE $1600. Scores were:

Mike $7,400
Jason $4,800
Elizabeth $4,200

Jason bet all $4,800 and saw the following clue: The novel on which this movie musical was based was by Phil Stong, whose grandfather ran the swine division at the Iowa one. Jason’s response, sadly, was incorrect, and his score fell to $0.

The second Daily Double eventually came out to Jason, at LANGUAGES $1600. He hadn’t been able to raise his score too much; the scores were:

Mike $9,400
Elizabeth $5,800
Jason $1,600

Jason bet the full $2,000. His clue: This language’s many dialects include Bergen, Telemark, and Helgeland. Jason went for its neighbour and fell to $-400.

Mike did very well in THE PRESIDENT BORN IN… near the end of the game, breaking a tie that Elizabeth had gotten herself into! Scores going into FJ!:

Mike $15,000
Elizabeth $9,800
Jason $2,400


FJ! clue: Reflecting a long friendship dating to a 1962 film they did together, Brock Peters gave the eulogy at this star’s 2003 funeral

Jason 2400 – 7 = 2393
Elizabeth 9800 – 5201 = 4599
Mike 15000 – 4601 = 10399

Mike is now a 4-day champion, $102,800!

ToC update:

1. Jim Coury (May 2013 College Champion)
2. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
3. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
4. Rebecca Rider $101,600 (5 wins)
5. Mike Lewis $102,800 (4 wins)
6. Adam Holquist $76,299 (3 wins)
7. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)
8. Salvo Candela $66,195 (3 wins)
9. John Anneken $60,112 (3 wins)

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