Giveaway Day

Remember today’s the giveaway day! To enter, comment on this post by 6:00 PM Eastern Sunday with your Coryat from this episode. We will then randomly select one entry to take up the third contestant lectern on our upcoming new logo! Please be prepared Sunday night to have a picture ready to email to Jeanie!

Today’s contestants: Adrian Ho, Michelle deGrothy, Seth Tribble

(Pictures to go here, but for some reason Google isn’t letting me upload them.)

J! round categories:
Shelving! Yes, Shelving
I Saw It On IMDb
The Moose Out Front
Should’ve Told You

Michelle and Seth had the best luck on the buzzer over the first 15 clues, the scores were:
Michelle $4,200
Seth $3,600
Adrian $1,200

The interviews today seemed as though the show had to cut some stuff out to fit some things in. Granted, I probably would have rather heard about Michelle’s time piloting a helicopter, than Seth’s crosswords!

Coming out of the buzzer, the Daily Double stayed hidden for awhile, and Michelle took over on the buzzer! Adrian got to play it under SHOULD’VE TOLD YOU $800. Scorew were:

Michelle $6,800
Adrian $3,000
Seth $2,000.

Adrian bet half of his score. His clue: As you see from the photos, your 1920s financial scheme that began with fellow italian immigrants does not end well.. Adrian thought the mugshots were of two different people, said “Sacco and Vanzetti”, and fell to $1500.

(Picture to go here, but for some reason Google isn’t letting me upload them right now.)

One clue went unplayed this round. Scores at the end of the round:
Michelle $7,600
Seth $2,000
Adrian $1,500

DJ! round categories:
1914—What A Year!
Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary
Fashion Designers
No. 1 “Love” Songs
U.S. Capitals Of The World
Window Quotes

This round definitely belonged to Michelle! One thing I found, though, as echoed by this tweet:

Michelle got to play the first Daily Double, under NO. 1 “LOVE” SONGS $1600, on the 14th clue of the round. Scores:
Michelle $17,400
Seth $4,400
Adrian $1,100

Michelle bet $2,000. Her clue: Bee Gees: “And you come to me on a summer breeze”. She was unable to give a response and her score fell to $15,400.

The following clue (Eminem & Rihanna: “Just gonna stand there & hear me cry, but that’s all right because…”), Seth left off an I, and Twitter went nuts:

Twitter was right. The song’s title does not have an I. Fortunately, Seth got his points, but at the expense of having to waste time making the score correction.

The final Daily Double went Adrian’s way under WINDOW QUOTES $1600, on the 27th clue of the round. Scores:
Michelle $14,600
Seth $6,800
Adrian $1,500

Adrian bet $2000. His clue: “In the lighted windows, he books arranged three by three kept watch like angels” is from this Proust work – Adrian’s slow, but correct response brought his score to $3,500 and the end-of-round signal to the game.

Scores going into Final:
Michelle $14,600
Seth $6,800
Adrian $3,500


FJ! clue: It’s the largest country in area completely south of the Equator that has a female President

Adrian 3500 + 3000 = 6500
Seth 6800 + 5545 = 12345
Michelle 14600 – 900 = 13700

Michelle will be back Monday to defend. Remember to post your Coryat. Mine? $22,200.