Up and away we go…

      If you told me when I watched Friday’s episode that I’d be blogging it, I’d never have believed you. But remember how Andy said he was going to Montreal for Scrabble this weekend? Unfortunately he was unable to watch the show. I thought we’d skip it but I’m awake and feeling energetic, so here we are. I’m truly turning over a new leaf. And this just in: Andy won!!
     First, my Coryat from last weekend’s episode which originally aired 9-30-11: 23400, with 3200 in negs.
     I know one thing I want to say before even watching the episode again: I want to know a lot more about George’s job after watching his Friday interview. He was the one-time champ coming into today.

George McAleese
Jody Carlson
John Leavy
(He reminds me of Chris Farley.)

     Gotta include this clue from Abbrev. TV, for no very good reason: “Fashion rules from Stacy & Clinton: ‘WNTW.'” Everybody needs to watch that show. It’s on TLC. I mean you. I swept the category, and George got 4/5. (When contestants pick the clues in order, it makes it easy for me to point out such things in the blog!)
     John found the Daily Double of the Jeopardy round in European Lit, after nailing this get-of-the-day there: “‘Outpourings of the Heart of an Art-loving Lay Brother’ from 1797 is called the first German work in this movement.” Even Mr. Trebek went, “Good!” At Daily Double time, John had gotten 4 right and had 2000. George had gotten 5 right and had 3000, and Jody had gotten 3 right and had 1200. John wagered only 1000 on this clue: “Yannis Ritsos’ poetry collection ‘O Epitafios’ was symbolically burned at the foot of this hill.” He got it right! He and George each got one more right before the first break, giving them 3400 and 3200 respectively.
     I got this triple-stumper in Elements in the Human Body: “Your bones don’t glow in the dark, but they do contain this ‘light-bringing’ element that makes up 1% of you.”
     We had a tight game at the end of the round. George had gotten 2 more right and had 5000. John had gotten 4 right and one wrong and had 5200. Jody had gotten 6 right and had 4600.
     I got this triple-stumper in Single-Named Singers: “‘But we’re never gonna survive, unless’ you name this singer who went ‘crazy’ on Billboard’s top 40 in 1991.”
     It took a long time to find a Daily Double in Double Jeopardy – George and Jody had gotten 7 right, John 4 right and one wrong. Jody found the first Daily Double in Native American Tribes. She wagered 2000 of her 13400. John and George had 6400 and 11400, respectively. This was the brainless clue: “Code talkers using the language of this Southwestern tribe were involved in every U.S. Marine assault in the Pacific 1942-45.” She got it right.
     George found the last Daily Double in Caves, and it was the last clue of the round! He’d gotten 3 right since the last one and had 15000. John had gotten 4 right and had 12000. Jody had gotten one wrong and had 14600. Tough decision on what to wager. George picked 3000, and this was the clue: “The Republic of Georgia’s Krubera cave in this mountain system is the world’s deepest at 7,188 feet.” George got it right! “Somebody’s gonna make a lot of money today,” Mr. Trebek said.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Great Novels. This is the clue: “A preface to this novel called it ‘rustic all through…moorish, and wild, and knotty as the root of heath.” I got this one instantly but questioned it throughout the clue. All 3 contestants got it right too. George, then, should’ve won since he was leading. And he did. He gained 11201. Jody gained 10000 and John gained 11000.
     I hope I get to update the ToC list Monday! And don’t forget: Drew will have a recap of The Experts Show for you.
     My Coryat today was 23400; 25800 without negs.