A contestant demonstrates a rout

     My Coryat for the weekend episode was 28400 (31600 without negs). The episode first aired on 4-2-13, and the first time I played, my Coryat was 33000 (36200 without negs). (Really?!)
     Here are this week’s contestants:
Jack Barry- Raleigh, NC (WTVD)
Katie Frank – Poway, CA (KNSD)
Heather Heffner – St. Louis, MO (KSDK)
Joe Keehnast – Chicago, IL (WLS) 
Sari Laufer – New York, NY (WABC)
Whitney Marshall – Overland Park, KS (KSHB)
Darren O’Connor – Norfolk, VA (WVEC) 
Shelby O’Neill – Austin, TXX (KXAN)
     Yesterday, Molly LaLonde won for the third time. And no, we don’t have a recap, but my Coryat was 21600 (26000 without negs). Why, by the way, didn’t you guys have more to say on the Friday episode about love at first sight? I was eager to see that conversation! It’s not too late, of course, to leave a comment on it here or there.
     I was glad Molly started with 1990s Hitmakers. She only got one right but it was this impossible one: “It was ‘good’ listening to this New Orleans rock trio in 1995; no, it was more than good, it was…” I notice that was the first of many hopeless ones in this episode, but contestants got them!
     Did anybody get this one right in Nevada?: “On Halloween 2014 Nevada celebrates this big anniversary of statehood.” Molly and Jason negged on it, and so did I! Cindy Summers found the first Daily Double, in the category.
Molly 1200 (2 right and one wrong)
Cindy 1200 (2 right)
Jason Raffile 1200 (3 right and one wrong)
     When Cindy wagered it all, I was thinking “Good for you,” and then Mr. Trebek said it! Here’s the clue: “In the 1960s he bought 6 Nevada hotels, a TV station & more than 1,000 mining claims.” I breezily said what Cindy did, but it was wrong! I gave my response to this next clue just as breezily, and it was wrong too. Jason negged on it: “This elite USAF flying team took up residence at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force base in 1956.”
     At the first break:
Molly 1400 (One right)
Cindy 1000 (One right)
Jason 600 (2 right and one wrong)
     This last clue of the round was my first triple-stumper of many today, in Stamps: “A 1918 error produced the valuable ‘inverted’ this; a 2013 stamp has the plane upside down on purpose.”
Molly 6600 (7 right)
Cindy 3600 (5 right and one wrong)
Jason 200 (3 right and 2 wrong)
     I got this triple-stumper at the last second in TV & Movie Schools: “The historically black school of Hillman College was at the center of this spinoff sitcom.”
     Molly found the first Daily Double of the round in Poetic Women. These are the scores after one of Jason’s earlier responses was negged:
Molly 11800 (4 right)
Cindy 2800 (One right and one wrong)
Jason 1000 (4 right and 2 wrong)
     I think this is the point where I thought Molly was starting to look like Julia! She wagered 2000 on this clue: “She spent the last 14 years of her life with her husband at Casa Guidi in Italy.” Molly missed this, but I got it right and didn’t think it was very hard. And how was this next clue a triple-stumper, in the same category?: “This American’s earliest poem, ‘Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine,’ dates to Valentine week 1850.”
     I thought the first two in Switch the First & Last Letters were hard, but I got this triple-stumper: “…of a guided expedition & you get this thorough defeat.” I got this triple-stumper later in African Countries by Capital: “Abuja.”
     Cindy negged on the second-to-last clue, putting her in the hole, when we knew the last clue was the other Daily Double. Why did she do that?? It’s not like she needed it to catch Molly. Anyway the Daily Double was Molly’s, in The Bonapartes.
Molly 15400
Cindy -800
Jason 200
     Molly wagered 2000 on this clue: “Napoleon’s brother-in-law Charles LeClerc died in 1802 in this New World country while trying to put down a revolt.” Molly got it right!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Scientists. This was the clue: “As a humorous tribute, as astronomical term equivalent to at least 4 billion has been named for him.” I didn’t try on this clue but I’d like to think I’d have gotten it right. It stumped Jason and Molly! Jason wagered it all, but Mr. Trebek said he’d still come in second place. Molly wagered 2600, and she’s added to the ToC list. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched that tomorrow she could knock Rani Peffer off the list.
     My Coryat today was 18200 (21400 without negs).

ToC update:

1. John Pearson (November 2013 Teacher’s Champion)
2. Jim Coury (May 2013 College Champion)
3. Terry O’Shea (February 2014 College Champion)
4. Julia Collins $428,100 (20 wins)
5. Arthur Chu $297,200 (11 wins)
6. Ben Ingram $176,534 (8 wins)
7. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
8. Jared Hall $181,001 (6 wins)
9. Sandie Baker $140,200 (6 wins)
10. Andrew Moore $137,803 (6 wins)
11. Jerry Slowik $121,800 (5 wins)
12. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
13. Rebecca Rider $101,600 (5 wins)
14. Sarah McNitt $89,398 (5 wins)
15. Rani Peffer $68,701 (5 wins)

16. Mark Japinga $112,600 (4 wins)
17. Mike Lewis $102,800 (4 wins)
18. Molly LaLonde $53,300 (4 wins)
19. Carlos Ross $89,774 (3 wins)
20. Adam Holquist $76,299 (3 wins)
21. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)
22. Salvo Candela $66,195 (3 wins)
23. Neal Pollack $60,798 (3 wins)
24. John Anneken $60,112 (3 wins)
25. Tim Anderson $56,001 (3 wins)
26. Stuart Anderson $51,601 (3 wins)
27. Bill Tolany $44,200 (3 wins)

     My Coryat today was 16800 (18600 without negs).

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